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Welcome to Atlantis Rising, a different kind of alternative future science and culture publication. As you explore the material which we present—ancient mysteries, the unexplained, future science, paranormal, astronomy, conspiracy, paranormal—you will begin to understand just how completely our Atlantis Rising Magazine and archives reflect these topics.

A vast library of highly informed and insightful content is available from our printed pages as well as on our web site, and we believe you will quickly sense the depth and richness of what we have to offer.

Here, we explore many areas neglected by most mainstream publications, even those with similar intentions. With Atlantis Rising you will be able to stay abreast of the latest developments, not only on the subject of Atlantis itself, but on ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, future science, UFO’s, Templars, the paranormal, alternative science, lost civilization, astrology, conspiracy, as well as strange phenomena, weird secrets, etc.  

While many of our topics may have been co-opted by those notorious crowd chasers, the tabloid press, we feel there are far too many questions about all of them which remain unanswered.

Concerning ancient mysteries, for example: What is the evidence for ancient and lost pre-Diluvian civilization? What about Atlantis, Lemuria, Sundaland, etc.? What was the real wisdom, or temple science, behind the building of so many immense and mysterious monuments in the ancient world?

What kind of advanced or alternative technology did our ancient ancestors have that is now lost? Were aliens or UFOs involved in the origins of our civilization? How much did ancient astrologers know about the forces which guide us all?

On Unexplained Anomalies: What is the evidence for an immortal soul? Do we possess dormant powers beyond the understanding of modern science? Is there a vast invisible world from which we came, but with which we have lost contact.

Regarding Future Science: How many more amazing scientific discoveries will we see by the end of the next decade? The search for extraterrestrial intelligence has the potential at any time to unhinge our personal psychology even more than Darwin did. Are we on the verge of tapping an enormous reservoir of free, and limitless energy? Will we learn soon to make ourselves invisible? Will we learn to levitate? How will such breakthrough change our lives? Have many of the great geniuses, who could have shown humanity the way to overcome its many problems, been blocked and suppressed by the conspiracies and entrapments of an entrenched world order?

On Lost History: Have most of the important development in the saga of human experience on this planet been conceived and developed clandestinely by the initiates of secret societies? While some very public figures have gotten all the attention, have other unsung heroes quietly made the essential sacrifices which have slowly lifted us out of the darkness of ignorance and superstition? Is the mainstream news today just the tip of the iceberg for the secret machinations of a powerful worldwide elite? What has been the real agenda of those who have, for centuries, maintained their positions of power in our world?

On Spiritual Issues: Is there a common thread uniting the religions of East and West? Is there an invisible hierarchy which oversees the world? Does the Darwinian model provide the whole story of natural origins? How important is consciousness? Have the roots of Christianity been properly understood? What role have, Gnostics, Templars, Cathars, and other suppressed movements played in western history?

On all of these questions, we feel that the curious public has been left for too long to choose between interesting material presented without credibility or uninteresting material presented in an apparently credible way. Atlantis Rising Magazine seeks to change all of that. We are delighted you have chosen to join us. 

Atlantis Rising reaches a unique international market, unserved by any other publication. Our readers share an intense interest in subject matter which, when not ignored by the mainstream press, is usually ridiculed. We provide a serious forum for alternative ideas of pre-history, ancient science, and lost culture.