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The Unexplained and Anomolies

The Unexplained and Mysterious Anomalies

From life after death to time travel, from seeing the future to levitation, some things are considered impossible, but that doesn’t make it so.

Every day new research, especially in quantum physics, challenges the conventional view of what is possible and what is not; and the frontier between what is real and what is just illusion moves a little further toward the real side. 

Even though people may no longer be burned at the stake for rejecting the official position of the powers that be, that does not mean the stakes are not still high. Traditional mainstream science and the academic world, aided by mainstream media, continue to resist the growing realization that the world is a much stranger place than most of us ever realized.

Shining a light into some of the most misunderstood and least appreciated areas of current research,
Atlantis Rising explores powerful evidence for a far different world than most believe possible. Regularly reporting on news and developments which challenge the very foundations of orthodox thinking, Atlantis Rising offers what many in the mainstream press and the tabloids do not—the hard-to-find-out truth.